Ashley Haenel. New York, United States

I'm a DJ. I get the party started.

New York native Shlizk brings the party with her everywhere she plays in her high- energy, tropi-cool progressive house sets infused with a healthy dose of pop throwbacks. Her infectious positive energy manifests itself in every aspect of her production, aesthetic and performance – 23 year old Ashley Haenel adopted a childhood nickname as her DJ moniker 6 years ago and started channeling her own brand of sass and class into music. Last year she took the leap every true artist must take, leaving behind her position as CFO of a digital media company to pursue her music career full time.

Since then she’s been popping up all over the NYC club circuit playing at legendary clubs like Lavo and Marquee. Shlizk’s background playing piano, guitar, singing and going to rock shows gave her the foundation on which she’s built her performance chops. This girl has proven she knows how to put on a show and pack any dancefloor, but next frontier for Shlizk is original productions, which she’s currently amassing an arsenal of for release early next year.

When she’s not working on music or playing shows, Ashley is very involved in local philanthropy including volunteering at a nursing home and managing an initiative focused on childhood education in low income areas. Expect the continued spread of positive vibes both in her daily life and in the club as Shlizk, check out her mixes here www.soundcloud.com/shlizk and follow Shlizk on Instagram.


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